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Introducing Green AI Assistant – your WordPress powerhouse infused with the capabilities of leading AI systems like OpenAI, DeepAI, StabilityAI and many many more. With an extensive array of AI models including GPT-4, TTS, Whisper, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, etc., this plugin transforms your WP dashboard into an AI haven. Generate captivating texts and stunning images, effortlessly convert text to speech, seamlessly translate content, and craft detailed descriptions for images. Elevate your content creation, accessibility, and user engagement with the all-encompassing Green AI Assistant – your go-to AI solution for WordPress!


Natural Language Processing

Chat Completion

Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate insightful and contextually relevant response based on your query.

Natural Language Processing

Generate Image

Leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to transform text descriptions into captivating images.

Natural Language Processing

Text To Speech

Transforms any textual content into an engaging and accessible audio experience with just a few clicks.

Natural Language Processing

Summarize Text

Analyzes and distills lengthy content, extracts key information and produces a condensed and easily digestible summary.

Natural Language Processing

Translate Text

Employs advanced AI technology to seamlessly translate provided text into multiple languages.

Computer Vision

Colorize Image

Leverages artificial intelligence to seamlessly infuse black-and-white, monochrome images with vibrant color.

Computer Vision

Describe Image

Generates accurate and contextually rich description that encapsulates the visual essence of the image.

Computer Vision

Reimagine / Image Variation

Transforms image creation by leveraging the content and style of a reference image to generate entirely new visuals.

Computer Vision

Remove Background

Precisely identifies and isolates the main subject within the image and effortlessly eliminate background.

Computer Vision

Remove Text From Image

Harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to seamlessly eliminate text overlays from images.

Computer Vision

Replace Background

Harnesses the power of AI to redefine the visual narrative of an image by seamlessly replacing its background.

Computer Vision

Upscale Image

Leverages the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the resolution and visual quality of low-resolution images.

Audio Processing

Transcribe Audio

Harnesses the power of AI to automatically convert spoken content within audio files into accurate and readable text.

Integration with AI systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the plugin?
Green AI Assistant is a WordPress plugin and it is installed as regular WordPress plugin. Please check documentation for detailed description.
What tasks can be done with the plugin?
Green AI Assistant implements the following AI-related features:
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Generating images based on text description
    • Text to speech transformation
    • Chat completion
    • Generating text summary
    • Translating text
  • Computer vision
    • Colorizing images
    • Describing images
    • Altering images
    • Reimagination (creating image variants)
    • Removing background
    • Removing text from images
    • Replacing background
    • Upscaling images
  • Audio Processing
    • Transcribing audio files (speech to text)
    • Transcribing and translating audio files
For more details, please check documentation.
How to start using the plugin?
Once installed and activated, plugin creates “AI Assistant” menu section in left side menu. Go to Settings page (Left Side Menu >> AI Assistant >> Settings) and set API credentaials for desired AI providers. When it’s done, the appropriate AI tasks become available through “AI Assistant” menu in top admin bar (Natural Language Processing tasks) and through “Green AI Assistant” metabox on Media Library item page (Computer Vision and Audio Processing tasks).
Can I use the plugin without integration with AI provider?
Unfortunately, no. Running AI models requires a lot of resources (CPU, GCU and RAM). Servers, that are used for hosting websites, don’t fit these requirements. That’s why Green AI Assitant utilizes 3rd party services to perform AI-related tasks.
How to generate image?
For more details, please check documentation.
How to generate text?
For more details, please check documentation.
How to convert text to speech?
For more details, please check documentation.
Do you have more questions?
Please read documentation or contact us.

What people say about Green AI Assistant

I am absolutely amazed by the groundbreaking capabilities of this plugin! It’s like having a digital artist at my fingertips. The diversity and creativity it brings to image creation are truly unparalleled. From landscapes to abstract art, the AI algorithms produce stunning visuals with a level of detail that is simply awe-inspiring.
Elena P.CodeCanyon User
The variety of styles and themes available within Green AI Assistant is impressive. Whether I need realistic scenes, fantasy landscapes, or abstract compositions, the AI effortlessly generates images that exceed my expectations. It’s like having an infinite well of creative inspiration right on my computer.
MaxWeb Developer
The plugin’s ability to iterate quickly allows me to explore multiple possibilities in a short amount of time, a feature that significantly boosts my productivity. The constant updates and improvements from the developers showcase their commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI image generation.
Robert K.Web Designer
The ease of use is a standout feature – even for someone without a background in design, creating professional-quality images has never been so accessible. The intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make the entire process enjoyable and efficient. I love the way the software adapts to my preferences, learning and evolving with each use to better align with my artistic vision.
Ivan C.Web Developer
Kudos to the team behind Green AI Assistant for transforming the way we approach content creation in WordPress. It’s a revolutionary tool that has become an indispensable part of my creative toolkit. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to unlock new dimensions of artistic expression through the power of AI.
Alex P.Web Developer
I can’t express enough how impressed I am with this AI Assistant! It’s like having a magic wand for visual storytelling. The sheer versatility it offers is mind-blowing. Whether I’m creating images for posts, this software consistently delivers jaw-dropping results.
DobbyWordPress User