Describe Image

Describe Image

The “Describe Image” feature employs AI to revolutionize image understanding and accessibility. By leveraging advanced algorithms, this tool analyzes the content of an image, recognizing objects, scenes, and contextual details. The result is an accurate and contextually rich description that encapsulates the visual essence of the image. Ideal for enhancing both SEO and user engagement, the “Describe Image” feature provides an invaluable solution for automatically generating comprehensive and human-like textual descriptions for images, ensuring accessibility for individuals with visual impairments and optimizing searchability for a diverse range of online content.

The following AI providers support “Describe Image” feature. It means that you should put their API credentials (at least for one of them) on Settings page to have this feature available.

  • Google AI
  • OpenAI

Step-by-step instruction how to use “Describe Image” feature.

  1. Make sure that you put valid API credentials for AI provider, which supports creating image description.
  2. Go to Media Library, select image and find “Green AI Assistant” metabox.
  3. Click “Describe Image”.
  4. Select desired AI provider and complete simple form to adjust transformation parameters (if available).
  5. Click “Describe Image” button. The process takes some time. When it’s finished you can review generated text.

The video below explains how to use “Describe Image” feature.

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