The “Reimagine” feature (also known as “Image Variation”) is an application of artificial intelligence that transforms image creation by leveraging the content and style of a reference image to generate entirely new visuals. This innovative tool utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze the structure, patterns, and artistic elements of the input image, allowing it to reimagine and synthesize unique compositions. Whether emulating artistic styles, producing novel interpretations, or crafting imaginative variations, the “Reimagine” feature seamlessly blends creativity and technical prowess. By understanding the essence of the original image and applying it in a transformative manner, this AI-driven capability empowers you to explore fresh perspectives, fostering a new realm of possibilities for digital expression and visual storytelling.

The following AI providers support “Reimagine” feature. It means that you should put their API credentials (at least for one of them) on Settings page to have this feature available.

  • Clipdrop
  • OpenAI

Step-by-step instruction how to use “Reimagine” feature.

  1. Make sure that you put valid API credentials for AI provider, which supports creating image variants.
  2. Go to Media Library, select image and find “Green AI Assistant” metabox.
  3. Click “Reimagine”.
  4. Select desired AI provider and complete simple form to adjust transformation parameters (if available).
  5. Click “Reimagine” button. The process takes some time. When it’s finished you can review generated image.

The video below explains how to use “Reimagine” feature.

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