Summarize Text

Summarize Text

The “Summarize Text” feature harnesses the power of AI to generate concise and coherent summaries based on provided text. This advanced functionality is designed to automatically analyze and distill lengthy content, extracting key information to produce a condensed and easily digestible summary. Ideal for processing articles, documents, or any textual input, the Summarize Text feature enhances efficiency by offering users a quick and informative overview without the need to sift through extensive content manually. This feature adds a valuable layer of automation to the summarization process, making it a powerful asset for content creators and information seekers alike within the WordPress environment.

The following AI providers support “Summarize” feature. It means that you should put their API credentials (at least for one of them) on Settings page to have this feature available.

  • Cohere

Step-by-step instruction how to use “Summarize Text” feature.

  1. Make sure that you put valid API credentials for AI provider, which supports text summarizing.
  2. Go to “AI Assistant” menu on top admin bar and click “Summarize Text”.
  3. Select desired AI provider and complete simple form to adjust transformation parameters (if available).
  4. Click “Generate Summary” button. The process takes some time. When it’s finished you can review generated text.

The video below explains how to use “Text-to-Speech” feature.

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